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Friday Afternoon Programs
The format for this program is to explore as many subjects of interest each term as our minds allow us to open. Term 1 2021 we have explored gardens beginning with our own; then moving onto a guided tour of the Indiginous Botanic Gardens of Halls Gap. We enjoyed the first of the Monty Don three part series Around the World in Eighty Gardens.
We will continue our garden study with Term 2 taking us into Plant Science, Herbal Gardens, Medicinal Plants and Herbs in Cooking.
Friday Programs include Music for Pleasure Bring Your Own Music Music History
In Term 2 we will begin our study of Pompeii;
Creative Writing
and our regular movie day will continue as regular programs throught the term.

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19th of October 2021 A curious and interesting gardens consisting of indiginous plants found in the Grampians National Park Indiginous Botanic Gardens Halls Gap